Pick your line and get on that wave. It’s pumping, you’re flying with the wind behind you. What a rush. You read the conditions, you need your ocean fix – the freedom that comes from riding the swell, feeling the power of the water beneath you, around you. It’s always on, you’re always riding.

Just as you depend on your instincts, your knowledge of the tides and winds, so you need a lifestyle brand that you can trust, in and out of the water. Quality. Comfort. Style.

That’s Downwind Performance Apparel, a Durban-based brand supplying sportswear, accessories and clothing for paddling, SUP and kitesurfing enthusiasts around the world. Because we are from the coast, we understand the ocean-orientated lifestyle you lead, to bring you a new range of products that you will love to wear. Explore our collection and choose a style and design that reflects your love of the sea, the sport and the Downwind way of life.

Downwind Performance Apparel. Feel the rush. Live for the swell.

“Paddling Downwind means to paddle with the wind in one direction. The masters of the sport are not just good paddlers, it takes a great deal of skill paddling in the ocean & reading the swell in order to minimise your paddling efforts.”